GLOSSY NECTAR - Hair Restoration Oil 50ml OWAY

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Glossy Nectar a restorative elixir with a broad action. Addsshine, nourishes and rebuilds even the most damaged hair. Helps tame unruly hair and prevents frizz. Also ideal for fine hair. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Mixed with CURLY POTION liquid, it adds shine to curly hair for greater frizz control. An excellent modeling product at the end of styling.
The guiding extracts of the product are shanty extract sourced from biodynamic agriculture, organic quinoa, organically sourced marula and shea butter.

Properties of Glossy Nectar OWay:


  • Strength: 0.0
  • Glossiness: 4.0

Active ingredients of Glossy Nectar OWay:


  • Ordinary Shanta Extract
    A plant native to the Mediterranean with astringent, invigorating and refreshing properties. Ordinary shanta strengthens the skin and hair texture, increasing its natural resistance to UV radiation.
    Known as "plant caviar," black quinoa has been named a "2013 food symbol" by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for its unique properties. The amino acids it contains protect the hair structure from damage, while the proteins provide protection and strengthening.
    Obtained from a tree that grows in southern Africa, marula oil softens and shines hair. Rich in proteins and minerals, it also has a strengthening effect. It moisturizes and rebuilds hair. By purchasing this extract, we support the rural economy in southern Africa.

Did you know…


  • Polishing Elixir; can be used after fixing hairstyle with SCULPTING MIST spray.
  • Used in combination with FLUX POTION liquid, it provides shine and fixation to thick hair.
  • WOSKS, PASTES AND POMADS accentuate texture, separate strands, support and texture hairstyle.
  • NEKTARES, DROPS AND EMULSIONS nourish, rebuild, and give hair a shiny, seductive look.
  • GELS, Glues, SPRAYS AND HIGH TEMPERATURE PROTECTION PRODUCTS fix, model, texture and hold hair.

Additional information:


  • Contains no:
  • Not tested on animals.
  • 100% naturally derived ingredients.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Tested for nickel.

50 mL

The formula of each product in the OWay BEAUTY line contains raw materials from plants grown according to the principles of biodynamic and organic agriculture. We take care of nature, avoiding the use of dyes and synthetic ingredients that would make the product more homogeneous but less natural.

To best preserve the purity and freshness of natural formulations, at OWay BEAUTY we use only clear glass and aluminum, which are 100% pure and reusable without restriction. This is an important choice and a sign of care for our planet.


Certified product is a guarantee of safety and quality for consumers. The OWay BEAUTY Certified for natural cosmetics line has been awarded by one of the most important and reliable international certification bodies: natrue.

The Natrue organization sets extremely strict rules for raw materials, formulations, production process and packaging of cosmetics. Every Natrue-certified product is subject to checks and inspections by the certification body, which verifies that the company complies with the certification rules throughout the production process.

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