VOLUMIZING ROOT SPRAY - Volumizing hair spray 160ml OWAY

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Volumizing Root Spray to increase hair volume. It helps to lift hair from the roots to the ends without weighing it down. Guarantees to increase the volume of even the most thin hair. Strengthens and thickens hair. Strengthens and thickens hair. Holds hairstyle in place. Line's guiding extracts yarrow extract sourced from biodynamic agriculture, organic ginger extract, organically sourced black rice extract. Aromatic fragrance bouquet consisting of axamitica, geranium, mandarin and coriander.



Active ingredients of Volumizing Root Spray OWay:


  • Volumizing Root Extract
    Volumizing Root stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates healthy hair growth due to flavonoids that help maintain the integrity of the hair structure.
    Strengthens hair by stimulating microcirculation, improving blood flow in blood vessels and aiding in the absorption of nutrients. According to Ayurvedic tradition, ginger is a spice that stimulates hair growth.
    Also known as Khao Gram, black rice occurs naturally in the tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia. Extremely rich in anthocyanins, which give it its characteristic purple color, black rice has strong antioxidant properties and helps protect hair from the effects of aggressive external factors.

Tip from a stylist


  1. The applicator tip allows for precise application of the product to the root of the hair.
  2. Apply only to the first few inches of hair starting at the root.
  3. Also ideal for men to lift hair from the root before drying and create a voluminous style.
  4. For a long-lasting style, use in combination with FLUX POTION liquid applied to the entire length of the hair.

"Floral, invigorating aromas create a treatment system that gives bounce and hold to thin and stress-prone hair."

Additional information:


  • Contains no:
  • Not tested on animals.
  • 100% naturally derived ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Tested for nickel

160 mL

The formula of each product in the OWay BEAUTY line contains raw materials from plants grown according to the principles of biodynamic and organic agriculture. We take care of nature, avoiding the use of dyes and synthetic ingredients that would make the product more homogeneous but less natural.

To best preserve the purity and freshness of natural formulations, at OWay BEAUTY we use only clear glass and aluminum, which are 100% pure and reusable without restriction. This is an important choice and a sign of care for our planet.


Certified product is a guarantee of safety and quality for consumers. The OWay BEAUTY Certified for natural cosmetics line has been awarded by one of the most important and reliable international certification bodies: natrue.

The Natrue organization sets extremely strict rules for raw materials, formulations, production process and packaging of cosmetics. Every Natrue-certified product is subject to checks and inspections by the certification body, which verifies that the company complies with the certification rules throughout the production process.

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